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Producer Autopulit machine

Autopulit machine

Origin USA
Supplier An Trong Tin company
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Autopulit Accessories:
Autopulit was established in 1961 in Manresa (Spain), specializing in manufacturing automatic and CNC machines for polishing and polishing. In 1998, a new plant was built at Sant Fruitós de Bages (Spain).
Since its inception, solutions have been provided to the needs of customers, incorporating new technologies with R & D & I continuity, and the suitability of equipment with "CE" safety standards. and ISO 9001: 2000 quality.
Today AUTOPULIT has the trust of customers in 50 countries, participating in major international fairs (EMO, IMTS, MACH, EURO-BLECH, BIEMH, ..).
Expressions such as:
Polishing Machine / Autopulit Grinder
Global Electronic Ballast with Digital Control
Digital controllers use continuous, continuously-indexed, continuous-cycle cameras
Grinding and polishing robot cells
Polishing machine
Polishing and polishing machine pipes and profiles
Multi-axis rotary cam
Polishing Machine MA-250x6000 / 3UP-JSB
CNC modeling machine HD-I / 1UT (D) -CNC
CNC Model CNC RSB-HI-CNC (4) -1500 / 1UT-CNC
CNC abrasive machine / micro model RSB-8HI / 6UT
Model CNC REHI-9-2200 / 8UP-CNC
Polishing Machine PHA-1250x3000 / 2UP-CP
RHI-2000 / 3UTD + 2UT + 1CI Transfer Machine
Rotary polisher RSB5-1000 / 4UT-JSB
Semi-automatic model and manual model PDG
Semi-automatic and manual model PFII / 2APJ
Semi-automatic model and manual model PDG
Vending machine model and manual PL-A
Surface grinding machine E4-200 / 2UT + 2PL

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